Empower with Insight

Data is mission-critical to the advancement of any business, but it loses value if we are unable to understand and visualize it.

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No more Spreadsheets

Your Data Where and When You Want it

Imagine a world where you get your data out of spreadsheets and embed it directly where your team is already working. Let them share, take notes and collaborate on data where they want it, when they want it in conversational applications.

Visual Dashboards

Let us guess, you're swimming in data. Unfortunately, its in a database or a stack of spreadsheets. With open source platforms we can build custom dashboards built just for you. Place them on a big screen in the middle of the office. Create a data central command. Your imagination is your limit.

Custom Applications

Would you like to pull your data in to custom applications? Maybe its an application you already have built or a totally new product or service. Our technology experts integrate data in almost anything. What do you have in mind?

  • Charts and Graphs

    Visualize Common Data Sets

    Use traditional visualization elements to communicate more simple data sets.

    Maps and Locations

    Spatial and Location Data

    Mine data from maps and location data within your app and see it in motion.


    Visualize Mathematic Equations

    Compiling complex mathematical equations into data needs a delicate touch to get right.

    3D Spaces

    Rooms, Spaces and Products

    Visualize customer usage and behavior data within physical spaces and real-world products.

Accelerate Growth

Data is Critical to Enhance Business Processes

Take your data out of spreadsheets and embed them in to your internal applications and visualization dashboards where people can use it to boost every day productivity and innovation. Do you have a data heavy app you want to build? Sounds like it's right up our ally.

  • Workplace Messaging

    Group messaging and collaboration apps can be a profitable hub for automation and productivity.

  • Business Intelligence

    Turn your data in to beautiful dashboards, application and reports that transform business.

  • Custom Development

    The future is here and it includes blockchain applications. Let us help you build what's next.